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About Voice for Change

Voice for Change was established in 2014 by Quinton Higgins Jr. Quinton is a  survivor of the May 14, 1988, Carrolton bus crash - the world's worst drunk driving accident to date. After a day of fun at Kings Island, a bus full of kids and adults were hit head on by a man who was under the influence. Shortly after impact, the bus caught ablaze, and 27 lives were lost, leaving 40 to face the mental, emotional, and physical scars and wounds today.

In 2014, Quinton felt compelled, because of his faith, to purchase a bus similar to the one from the bus crash. Over the last several years, God has used this bus to be an agent of change in the lives of many. Quinton has taken his bus across different counties in Kentucky to share his story & experience at schools, DUI classes, churches, and community events

Quinton is a bus driver for the Hardin County School District, and resides in Radcliff, KY with his family. When asked what his hope & vision is for Voice for Change, this is what Quinton says:


"The vision of Voice for Change is to speak for the 27 innocent lives lost on May 14, 1988, because their  lives were interrupted by someone who made a horrible choice to drink and drive. My heart is to help the 40 of us that survived to stand when we are feeling weak and to encourage others to overcome tragedy.  Through our story, I hope to make an impact on the young and the old about the choices in life that we may not realize will cause tragedy or destruction in life. Larry Mahoney did not know he would be the cause of the worst drunk driving crash in history when he woke up on May 14, 1988, and 67 innocent lives had no clue of their fate that night. This was all caused by a bad choice, so my vision is to be a voice for change in the world by encouraging positive choices."

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